Day 1: Collaborative Meeting Day – Evidence Accumulation in Cognitive Neuroscience (sponsored by NWO)

11:00 Birte Forstmann – Introduction to model-based cognitive neuroscience and approaches to analysis.
Andrew Heathcote
– Introduction to Cognitive Race Models, including simulating and exploring the diffusion decision model (DDM), the linear ballistic accumulator (LBA), and the lognormal race model.
14:00 Dora Matzke
– Introduction to Bayesian principles and Hierarchical models.
14:30 Russell Boag – Introduction to EMC, model designs, Weiner Diffusion model and technical setup.
Mini-talks: We invite all participants to give a short (max 3 min & max 3 slides) talk about their recent work or about research questions to which they would like to apply model-based neuroscience techniques.

Day 2: Workshop Day

10:00 Andrew Heathcote & Russell Boag – Bayesian estimation of evidence-accumulation models, focusing on the DDM (introducing variability and posterior inference), the LBA, diagnostics & troubleshooting and Information Criterion model selection methods.
13:30 Steven Miletic – Introduction to model-based fMRI.
16:30 Mini-presentations continued.

Day 3: Workshop Day

10:00  Andrew Heathcote & Russell Boag – Continuing Bayesian estimation of race models (including the RDM and LNR) and introduction to model comparison with IS2.
13:30 Michael Nunez – Introduction to model-based EEG.
16:30  Keynote 1: Rafal Bogacz – Models of Reinforcement Learning.

Day 4: Workshop Day

10:00  Niek Stevenson – Introduction to PMwG sampling methods and deep-dive into EMC functions.
10:30  Andrew Heathcote & Russell Boag – Bayesian model comparison and model inference.
13:30  Keynote 2: Brandon Turner – Methods of joint modelling.
14:30 Reilly Innes & Niek Stevenson – Tutorial on joint modelling, from behaviour to models of functional data.
16:00  Mini-presentations continued.

Day 5: Collaborative Meeting Day – Reinforcement Learning in Cognitive Neuroscience (sponsored by NWO)

10:00 Keynote 3: Peter Dayan – Model based and model free reinforcement learning.
11:30  Panel Discussion – Presenters of the Summer School will engage in a discussion on recent advances, potential limitations, future directions and applications of model-based cognitive neuroscience.
Confirmed Panel members: Peter Dayan, Andrew Heathcote, Marieke van Vugt, Brandon Turner, Michael Nunez, Birte Forstmann.
13:30  Andrew Heathcote & Steven Miletic – Introduction to fitting joint learning and evidence-accumulation models.
15:00  Niek Stevenson – Understanding group level models for advanced model-based approaches.
15:30 Closing remarks.

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